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A Beginners Guide to Astral Projection

Astral projection is a difficult thing to achieve. The number one bit of advice I have to share is to go into the process of projecting with no expectations.

Step 1) Relaxation
You have to completely relax the body. Sit, or lay in a comfortable position, but make sure it is one where you will be unlikely to fall asleep. It isn’t recommended to project from an ‘indian’ position, or lotus as it can be very, very painful to come back and have your entire lower body tingly and asleep.
   To relax, practice some breathing exercises. Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose. Imagine an arrow filling with breath as you inhale.
Exhale slowly through your mouth, imagine the arrow emptying. Keep your thoughts directed on the arrow an your breathing. When thought pop up, acknowledge them for a moment, and let them pass.

Step 2) Sleep State
As a beginner you must practice the state before sleep, or the Hypnagogic state. To do so, hold your forearm up, and continue relaxing. You will begin to fall asleep, and your arm will fall, waking you. Continue to do this until you no longer ‘feel’ anything when your arm falls. Another way to enter the hypnagogic state is to focus on a single object and nothing else (except your breathing) let thoughts and feels pass though and watch them passively. When other images appear in your ‘eyes’ besides the object being focused. You will have entered the hypnagogic state.

Step 3) Deepen Focus
You have to deepen the hypnagogic trance. This is the first point where most people give up, as they are distracted and wake up. You must focus on nothing as much as possible. You know the colors and light you see when you close your eyes? You must ignore those completely, and keep your eyes focused, but only lightly on the darkness. DO NOT move your eyes. Eventually you will stop seeing the lights, and you will be nearly ready to project.

Step 4) Vibration
Start entering the energetic, or vibrational state. Maintain your breathing and relaxation. Begin to focus on a point in space about a foot above your forehead. Shift your mental viewpoint to six feet above you. Looking down on yourself. Feel the vibrations of the space your ‘detached’ mind is resting in. You will know when you are channeling the vibrations. 

Step 5) Channeling 
Continue drawing vibrations into your body. Move them from your head, to your heart, arms, and through your legs and toes. Finally drawing the energy back to your head. Move the energy like a wave, through your body. Continue doing this until you can control these waves on command, and with little effort. This takes time, and quite a bit of practice, as not everyone can manipulate energy too well.

Step 6) Seperation 
This step is a very difficult process, as it takes ALL the concentration, and visualization skill possible. This is all about thought control.
While in the vibrational state, flowing energy through your body, you can separate your astral body from your physical one. Without actually moving your limb, ‘lift’ your arm up. See your arm, with your eyes closed as you lift it. Reach out for a familiar object, like a vase, or lamp, something close by. You will ‘go through’ the object. Slightly, like a ghost. Return the limb to you, by lining it up with with your physical one. Continue doing this with all your limbs, and your head. If you can sit up with your astral body, that is fantastic.

Step 7) Disassociation
There are a few ways to detach from your body. One technique is the ‘Levitation’ technique. Imagine yourself getting lighter, and lighter. Feel your self rising up an outward. Focus only on the idea of floating, and rising. Projection will occur after a short time, naturally.

The technique I use, personally, is called the ‘Rotation’ or ‘Roll-out’ method. In this method you literally roll out of your body, like you would do in bed. It is very similar to Step 6, do not move your physical body, instead feel yourself rolling out of your body. You will find yourself place next to your body, not in it. You my friend, are astral projecting.

This ENTIRE process is very difficult for most. I would recommend doing each step, taking a break then starting again. I.e Do Step 1, stop and rest. Do step 1, and then step 2, stop and rest. So on, and so on until you reach step 7 and project.

If you reach 7, and are still unable to project take a break for a day or two. Eat right, get 8 hours sleep etc. 

Good, luck, and happy travels. 

Posted on December 10, 2012 at 9:54 AM
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